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全民關注「體育與健康」 - 《IELTS攻略》

 星島日報 《星島教育》

1. Athletics meeting (n phr) 運動會、田徑比賽
例句: I like to take part in hurdles and relays in an athletics meeting.

2. Personal fitness trainer (n phr) 私人健身教練
例句: You need to get a professional qualification in order to work as a personal fitness trainer.
( 你需要獲得專業資格,才可成為私人健身教練。)

3. Fitness programme (n phr) 健身課程
例句: A personal fitness trainer can help you design a tailor-made fitness programme to fit your progress and level.

4. Get into shape (v phr) 保持健美標準的身段
例句: I have gained some weight. I think I have to do more exercise to get into shape again.

5. Be out of condition (v phr) 身形不太標準
例句: Sam eats too much junk food and rarely does sports. Maybe that is why he is out of condition now.
( 森吃太多垃圾食物,而且很少做運動。也許這就是他現在身形不標準的原因。)

6. Run a marathon (v phr) 跑馬拉松
例句: One will need a lot of persistence and determination to run a marathon because it requires plenty of endurance power.

7. Set a record (v phr) 刷新紀錄
例句: Gordon set a record of himself in the 100-metre race.

8. Sport facilities (n phr) 運動設施
例句: In Hong Kong, there are a lot of public sport facilities for citizens to use.

9. Strenuous / vigorous (adj) 劇烈的、激烈的
例句: We need to drink more water and have a decent rest after having strenuous/vigorous exercises.

10. Competition (n) 比賽
例句: Before an athletic competition, we have to train and prepare well physically.

11. Disqualified (adj) 取消比賽資格的
例句: This athletic could not pass the drug test before the race so he was disqualified.

12. Sportsmanship (n)
例句: We can observe athletes show various admirable sportsmanship during an athletics meeting.
( 在田徑比賽中,我們可以觀察運動員如何展現各種令人佩服的體育精神。)