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「人格」多面睇 - 《IELTS攻略》

星島日報 《星島教育》

1. Introvert (n) 性格內向的人
例句:Maggie has always been anintrovert. She doesn't talk much and isquite shy.
( 瑪姬是一個內向的人。她不多說話而且很害羞。)

2. Extrovert (n) 性格外向的人
例句:Hansel is such an extrovert that he is an energetic person who likes the company of others.

3. Good sense of humor (n phr) 幽默感、會說笑的性格
例句:My teacher has a good sense of humor. He will crack a joke or two during class.
( 我的老師很有幽默感。他在課堂上會說一兩個笑話。)

4. Laid-back / easy-going (adj) 性格輕鬆、隨和、無所謂的
例句:My younger sister is a laid back /easy-going person. She never sweats the small stuff and always looks relaxed.
( 我的妹妹是一個輕鬆隨和的人。她從來不會為小事煩惱,看起來總是很輕鬆。)

5. Fun-loving (adj) 愛玩樂的、愛享受的
例句:For fun-loving people, reading novels may be somewhat a rather boring activity for them.
( 對於愛玩樂的人來說,閱讀小說可能是一個較為沉悶的活動。)

6. To lose one's temper (v phr) 發脾氣
例句:Joanie has a kind and calm character that she rarely loses her temper to others.
( 鍾妮有一種善良和平靜的性格,她很少發別人的脾氣。)

7. Narrow-minded (adj) 思想狹隘的、有偏見的
例句:As a global citizen, we should have a broad world view and embrace other cultures. Being narrow-minded will cause us confined in our own circle.

8. Self-confident (adj) 充滿自信的
例句:We should be self-confident in ourselves and believe in our own ability.
( 我們應該對自己有自信,相信自己的能力。)

9. Thick-skinned (adj) 臉皮厚的、對批評或謠言不敏感的
例句:To be a public figure, one of the traits is that they need to be thick-skinned.
( 作為一個公眾人物,其中一個特點是他們不容易被批評或謠言所影響。)

10. Self-effacing (adj) 謙虛的、不喜歡引人注意的、低調的
例句:My best friend is a self-effacing person and she is reluctant to draw attention to others. Private life is
important for her.

11. Trustworthy (adj) 可靠的、值得信賴的
例句: M y big brother is very trustworthy and reliable - we can always count on him whenever we have
( 我的大哥非常值得信賴及可靠——當我們有困難時,我們都可以依靠他。)

12. Two-faced (adj) 虛偽的、不真誠的
例句:She is such a two-faced individual, always saying one thing to someone to their face and another when they are not present.
( 她是一個虛偽的的人,總是在別人面前說一個版本的故事,但在背後又是另一個版本。)