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「科技」須知 - 《IELTS攻略》

Access (v/n) 到達、通行到互聯網平台
例句: You will need a set of passwords if you want to access / get access to an email account.

To bookmark a webpage (v phr) 把網頁加入書籤頁
例句: When you find a useful and practical webpage, I suggest you bookmark it in your computer.

Browse / surf (v) 瀏覽(網頁)
例句: Hansel's interest is to browse/surf websites related to sports - he is a football manic.
( 漢賽爾的興趣是瀏覽與體育相關的網站——他是一個足球狂熱分子。)

Computer buff (n phr) 電腦專家、精於電腦的人
例句: Joyce is such a computer buff that she knows almost all computer hot keys on the keyboard!

Digital editing (n phr) 電子編輯(運用電腦編輯圖片和影片)
例句: With the increasing popularity of digital editing, people like to edit and modify their pictures and videos, adding different effects in them.

Electronic gadget (n phr) 小型電子工具(常指智能電話和平板電腦等)
例句: In this technologically-driven era, it seems
 that everyone is equipped with an electronic gadget, be it a smart phone or a tablet computer.

Internet security (n phr) 互聯網安全
例句: People should be more aware of internet security and not expose too much of their personal information online.

Operating system (n phr) 操作系統
例句: When you update the operating system on your phone, you will get new emojis.

Attachment (n) 附件(常隨電子郵件附上)
例句: If you apply for a job through email,don't forget to enclose your resume as an attachment.

Video conferencing (n phr) 視像會議(常指與商業活動有關的視像會議)
例句: Multinational corporations like to use video conferencing to recruit talents worldwide.