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審視「傳媒」 - 《IELTS攻略》

星島日報 《星島教育》

Tabloid (n) 小報
例句: I only read tabloids when I go to the hairdresser's. There are always some on the table in the waiting area.

Libel (n/v) 誹謗、中傷、侮辱,或報章出現的誹謗文字
例句: Internet libel should be taken more seriously.It seems that people can say what they want without consequences these days.

Media censorship (n phr) 媒體審查
例句: In my country, the system of media censorship is quite comprehensive and strict. Inappropriate language is seldom shown on television.

Broadcast (n/v) 廣播、播放
例句: I think movies should be broadcast in their original language. It will help language learners tremendously.

Coverage (n) 覆蓋、新聞報道所包括的範圍、電視或報紙的新聞報道
例句: Nowadays, you can see live coverage of almost everything - births, deaths, wars, natural disasters and celebrations.

Prime time (n phr) / prime-time (adj) 黃金時間(的)
例句:There should be fewer programmes involving violence and inappropriate content on prime-time television.

Social media (n phr) 社交媒體
例句: Adolescents like to post pictures and messages about their day-to-day living through online social media to seek for affirmation and attention.

National and world events (n phr) 國家和世界事件
例句: Mass media can help citizens to be aware of national and world events to increase their knowledge.