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外表可觀 - 《IELTS攻略》

Useful Vocabulary: Physical Appearance

實用生字: 外表特徵

IELTS 口語測試中,形容人物的外表特徵是一個熱門的話題。今期與大家介紹有關外表特徵的常見用字及其用法。

  1. to bear a striking resemblance: (verb phrase) 和某人外貌有極度相似之處。

例句: Duncan’s son bears a striking resemblance of him. How amazing DNA is!


  1. cropped hair: (noun phrase) 短頭髮

例句: I like her better with cropped hair – it seems less messy.

(我喜歡她短頭髮的形象 - 似乎沒有那麼凌亂。)

  1. fair-skinned: (adjective) 皮膚白皙的

例句: A person with fair-skinned is suitable to wear baby blue and baby pink – these colors make them look even more neat.

(皮膚白皙的人適合穿粉藍色和粉紅色 - 這些顏色使他們看起來更加整潔。)

  1. good-looking: (adjective) 漂亮的、俊俏的

例句: This American model is very good-looking. Maybe that is why she has plenty of fans around the world.


  1. to be hard of hearing: (verb phrase) 聽力有困難

例句: Grandpa is getting older now and is hard of hearing. We have to speak louder and slower.


  1. scruffy: (adjective) 邋遢的、不企理的

例句: The professor looks a bit scruffy – he has this untidy and messy beard which everyone talks about!

(教授看起來有點邋遢 - 每個人都在談論他不整潔和雜亂的鬍子!)

  1. to look young for one’s age: (verb phrase) 看起來比實際年齡年輕

例句: My mother looks young for her age – she is at her 50s now but she looks like she is at her mid-forties!

(我的母親看起來很年輕 - 她現在五十歲,但她看起來像四十多歲左右!)

  1. complexion: (noun) 膚色

例句: I have a classmate who comes from the Philippines. She has a rather tanned complexion which makes her look really energetic.

( 我有一個來自菲律賓的同學。她的膚色頗深,使她看起來很有活力。)

  1. overweight: (noun/ adjective) 過重的

例句: Gordon eats too much junk food, which causes him to be overweight.

(Gordon 吃了太多垃圾食物,導致他超重。)

  1. a slender figure: (noun phrase) 苗條的身段

例句: Sammi has a slender figure that people around her all encourage her to work as a model.


  1. well-built: (adjective) 肌肉發達的,大隻的

例句: Does John have a crush lately? He has been heading to the gym and becoming more well-built.

(John最近有喜歡的人嗎? 他這陣子經常去健身,變得更健碩。)

  1. well turned-out: (adjective phrase) 外表看起來很醒目

例句: The suit makes my brother look really smart and well turned-out. I hope he succeeds in the job interview.