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依法用字 - 《IELTS攻略》

Useful Vocabulary: Legal/Law

實用生字: 法律/法制

IELTS 測試中,法律/法制是一個熱門話題。今期與大家介紹有關法律/法制的常見用字及其用法。

  1. fraud: (noun) 舞弊、騙局。

例句: Recently, there has been an increasing number of credit card fraud cases in the city.


  1. judge: (verb/ noun) 法官、判斷

例句: The plaintiff was pleaded guilty for his offence by the judge.


  1. jury: (noun) 陪審團

例句: The jury is out and they still have not reached the final decision on this controversial case.


  1. witness: (noun) 證人

例句: The police are trying to find the two witnesses of this fatal car accident.


  1. legislation: (noun) 立法、法例

例句: Tougher legislation on juvenile delinquency should be implemented to reduce the number of crimes in the community.


  1. offender: (noun) 罪犯、罪魁禍首

例句: Media is the major offender of the excessive violence and inappropriate contents shown to teenagers these days.


  1. prevention: (noun) 預防 (罪案)

例句: The government should focus on the prevention of crimes, rather than introducing harsher prison sentences.


  1. criminal: (noun) 罪犯

例句: Criminals who commit violent crimes should not be given probation.


  1. probation: (noun) 緩刑

例句: Probation is a good way to reduce prison overcrowding, but it must only be used for those who have committed minor crimes.


  1. fine: (noun) 罰款

例句: Motorists should be given a fine if they are caught speeding.


  1. imprisonment: (noun) 監禁、入獄

例句: Murderers are usually given life imprisonment.


  1. community service: (noun phrase) 社會服務令

例句: Community services are a good alternative for people who commit minor offences.


  1. victim: (noun) 受害者

例句: The victims of crimes often need help and support to recover from their bad experience.