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澄清和說明的必學句式 - 《IELTS攻略》


考生在IELTS的口語考試中,可能會為考官的問題感到費解,為免引起誤會,最好即時要求對方澄清。然而,除了最簡單的“Sorry, could you please rephrase the question? ”之外,你還懂得其他的句式嗎?



-Could you please be more specific(明確、具體)?

-I’m sorry I don’t quite follow(理解、明白)

-Would you mind saying it again?

-Sorry, could you repeat(重覆)that, please?

-Sorry, what do you mean by that(你是甚麼意思)?

-I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch(理解)

-Pardon? I'm not quite(不是完全地)with you.

-I don’t quite understand what you said(剛才所說的)just now.

-Would you explain what you mean(你的意思是甚麼)?



-Perhaps, I wasn’t too clear about what I meant. Let me try to clear this up(澄清)a bit.

-I just want to make one point clear.

-What I really wanted to tell you(想告訴你)was that……

-Let me get this straight(把話說明白).

-Let me rephrase(改換措辭來表述)

-Another way of looking at(看待)it is……

-OK, I’ll use the layman’s(外行人)terms, no jargon(行內術語).

-Well, I may put it(表達某事)in another way.

-The basic(基本)idea is……/ Basically, ……

-Perhaps I’m not making myself clear(說清楚我的意思)……

-What I’m trying to say(想要說)is that……

-Well, I think what I actually(實際上)mean is that……

-I’d like to clarify(澄清、闡明)a point I just made.

-You might have misunderstood(誤會) I didn’t mean to sound(聽起來)that way.  Let me explain.

-Let me tell you how it is(情況是如何).

-I’ll state(說明、陳述)my reasons clearly now.

-I’d like to clarify my position(澄清我的立場).

-I have plenty of(大量的)reasons actually.

-There’s got to be an explanation(解釋)for this.